MATCH & CHAT card game for vocabulary enrichment and and expanding world knowledge.

המחיר המקורי היה: ₪90.00.המחיר הנוכחי הוא: ₪80.00.

the game is containing:
*72 cards that are divided to 9 scenarios/subjects from the children’s daily life. In each scenario there are four nouns and four verbs that are related to the scenario (for example: a visit to the clinic, shopping in the supermarket, pool and more.
*9 two-sided cards. On each cards the 8 illustrations of each scenario.
For children aged 3 and up
age 4 and up: the purpose of the game is to collect as many 4 cards series as possible according to scenarios.
age 3 and up: A memory game- to find pairs from the same scenario, or collecting cards according to the scenarios.

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